Friday, 8 April 2016

A Friday Note

Hello All,

So my last post was this time last week, on one hand it feels like yonks ago on the other i cant understand where the time has thing i will never understand the concept of time! the old i get the quicker time seems to go, im 30 this year as well so i am in no rush tomove in to the next decade!

So my last post was on my latest published pattern, the flowerpot doorstop and after writting that i spent some of the evening and weekend working on my latest design submissions for KnitNow which i sent off on Sunday, i am still waiting to hear back from them but hopefully they like my ideas, i always find this time a mix of excitement and annticipation its never nice when you get rejections but a rejection doesnt mean they dont like it, it may just mean it doesnt fit the theme of the magazine or there are other designs similar they prefer, it took me a few round of submissions before i had anything accepted.

Yesterday i received the PDF for the pattern i have in next months KnitNow magazine, so this wkends job is to proof read that and ensure it is correct, i must say the photos that have been taken of it are just fab and i cant wait for you all to see it :)

I think i also mentioned in my last post that i was planning on casting of some baby booties for a close friend who is expecting, well if you dont follow me on instagram here they are!

i have done this pattern a few times, its an old favourite of mine. i love the picot edge around the sole. unfortunatley i cant share the pattern source with you, all i have is a black and white photo copy it looks like its been taken from a book but with no detail on the pages i have, so it is a very prescious one!

On the sticks now is a request from the Husbean, which is rare indeed its not often that he asks me to knit him something which is a blessing really as being 6ft5 a jumper is no quick job for him, anyway its an accessory but not the usual sort, its a cleaning accessory, a dusting mit!
I knitted one years ago, i think it may have been one of the first things i did and i must say it was great but i never realised at the time Ad was usng it too, our home must have been spotless, anyway it soon went all tatty, and i threw it out, much to Beans's disappointment so finally i am getting round to making him a new one and in his requested Steelers colours. The pattern is from Rachel Matthews, Knitorama; 25 Great & Glam Things to Knit.

So thats my plans for tonight, continue with the dusting mit so Beans can get on with someSpring Cleaning :)

I have my fingers crossed for some nice weather tomorrow, its been so mixed this week one minute dry with the sun breaking through the clouds and the next its smashing it down with rain, but i am hoping for a fine day, it doesnt have to be warm just dry so we can get out for a long walk down the canal and old train line to work up an appetite for a nice pub lunch, and then work it off with a walk back, but we will just have to wait and see....

And next on the not too sure, i have a few personlal ideas i would like to investigate and self publish but also an endless wish list of patterns...i might swap the needles for a hook for a change who knows, once the dusting mit is done i will have a look through my stash and see what i fancy

Enjoy your weekend, i hope it filled with lots of relaxing, fun and KNITTING

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