Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Making Spot - Tivoli Pure Aran Hat, Scarf and Mittens Set

And here it is my first making spot blog. . . My review on a pattern and yarn!
And  it is a review on a gorgeous hat, scarf and mittens set knitted in a Tivoli pure Aran yarn. I think the picture on this set really shows of the scarf but the hat and mittens seem a little forgotten so I hope through the images you can see how fantastic all the items are, the hat actually I think is my favourite so that’s where I started!
The pattern needs to sizes of needles, 4mm and 5mm the 4mm needles are used for the rib edging on the hat and mittens and then everything else is done in 5mm.
Once the Rib is done the hat it jumps straight in to the cable pattern, which if you have never done before can look a bit daunting but it is actually really simple and you can get some fantastic effects with it.
It is basically just a process of moving stitches out of the way knitting others on the needle and then knitting the stitches you moved out of the way . . . the picture below may explain it a little better . . .
Stitches are held at the front or back and then knitted.
a couple of cable rows completed.

The decreasing in that hat is done in the purl stitches in between the cable sections to keep the cable the same throughout and because the cable pattern is kept the same it was basically a repeat of 5 rows so once I had done a few and I got the hang of the order of the stitches it was actually a quick knit.

And the scarf pattern was the same concept; 16 rows that were repeated throughout so after a few repeats I was away only checking the pattern occasionally J

The pattern advises 2 balls are needed for the scarf and one each for the hat and mittens, but from the hat and mittens I had some yarn left so I decided to use it to extend the length of the scarf. The scarf was perfectly fine without the extra but I love long scarfs and why let the left over yarn go to waste J

The edge of the scarf was completed with 5 K stitches every time, this edging stops the scarf from curling round.

The mittens didn’t have any cable pattern in them which I thought was a shame as that would have tied it in with the scarf and hat nicely but then when I made one I realised that actually that wasn’t needed and as a set had it had cabling in it it would have actually become quite fussy so the simplistic look I think really works!
The mittens were knitted in one and the thumb and side seam then sewn up . . . . .

Out of all the items the hat has to be my favourite, maybe because I don’t think the image on the pattern really shows it off so I was really pleased when I saw the cable pattern coming together and I think more that the softness of the wool and perfect fit my favourite thing about it has to be the way the cable sections come together to make a snowflake! It adds a lovely festive touch J

My initial plan was to give this set as a knitted Christmas gift but I just love it too much J but there is always next year and with the fantastic colours available I think I could make quite a collection!! If you want to have a go at this the pattern both the yarn and pattern are available from City Knits!

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