Saturday, 30 November 2013

Knitting Natter

I have been pretty quiet recently on the blogging front so here is a quick natter on what I have been up to :) I have been kept busy with my latest commission 3 tea cosies and 8, yes 8 hats! my knitting machine and completing my cross stitch ready to be hung on 1st December!

And here it is finished, a day early!!

And in place, framed above the fire place

The progress on my knitting machine has been slow, it is a Toyota KS901 if that means anything to anyone :) for days I couldn't figure out why I was getting loops at each edge and then finally it clicked, it was my tension, I had not threaded my wool through enough of the wool holders so it was too loose! since figuring that I have been fine! I don't yet have a rib cartridge so I have learnt mock rib too! now to try an actual pattern . . . .

I have also been doing lots of Christmas shopping online, keeping the Royal Mail busy :) but I also received my latest project in the post from City Knits!! I can’t wait to get stuck in . . .  it’s a hat scarf and mittens set and I plan on taking photos of my progress and creating a blog entry all about it, my review of the yarn, the pattern etc. so watch this space.
And I must say if you haven’t checked them out yet City Knits is a fab site they have some great patterns, yarn and knitting ideas, I just love the colour option at the top of their site; select the colour you want and it will filter on everything they have!

My latest blog project

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