Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sent with love

I am always buying yarn and knitting accessories online, more often that I should really!

And it always puts a smile on my face to receive yummy yarn, but todays delivery was extra special, not because of the item being delivered but the way it was delivered! It was my first order from and it wont be my last, it was the extra touches that did it.

When I opened the package I expected to find the yarn in the bag as usual but it wasnt it was neatly presented in a lovely organza bag, not only did it look nice but it really made me feel that they looked after my purchase! 

And as I pulled it out some sweet treats fell to the floor, it really was a lovely touch and its these small touches that I really do think make a difference and shows they appreciate my custom. And I must say I appreciated the sweets :)

So what am I using this RICO Design essential cotton dk to make? Well its a summer top called Get Fresh By Kirstie Mcleod published in a past edition of Simply Knitting, i am using a different yarn to the one listed as cotton yarns are perfect for summer knits as they are cooling and i think this colour is just perfectly bright and vibrant and with the dark cold weather continuing its loveky to knit warm colours and think of summer.

Here it is .....

Check back soon to see my progress x

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