Sunday, 18 January 2015

I meant to do it...honest!

'Its so important to read a pattern properly'

'Read it twice to make sure you understand it'

'Take your time'

These are all things I have said to my friends when teaching them to knit and read patterns and what did I do.... I forgot the basics, I went full steam ahead on my 'Get Fresh' top and miss read the stitch sequence for the stitch pattern of the top.

If I had done it correctly and alternated the order of the yo, k2tog I would have ended up with an almost brick effect like seen here...

But because i didnt alternate the yo, k2tog i ended up with a duagnal line of stitches and to be honest i liked it!

But I didnt like the idea of diagnals all going the same way through out and i liked the idea if undoing even less!! so instead i have used the ssk way of decreasing that means the stitches lean the other way for the next set and this is how i will now continue through out the pattern and i must say im actally pretty pleased with my mistake

its coming along nicely and the rico design cotton is a dream to work with i cant wait to see the finished result!!

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