Saturday, 28 February 2015

February Review

Well as you know I have been working on my 'Get Fresh' top, I put this on hold whilst I worked on some designs and swatches for the latest designs call for KnitNow magazine (more on them later) and when I picked it back up I really wasnt feeling it,  it seemed totally snapeless and way too big which had actually been a common theme from the feedback people had done on ravely and I shoukd have listened! 

But obviously I didnt want to put my hard work to waste and the lack of shaping actually became a plus factor as it turned nicely in to a snood :) I unravelled it back to the point before the arm shaping and ta-dah!!

Now back to my other exciting news, so like i said other than this change of plan snood and a few other little knits i have been focusing on designs and swatches for the knit now design call and i found out last night they are not commissioning one of my designs...they are not commsissioning two of my designs....THEY ARE COMMISSIONING THREE!!!! I am so excited and proud!! I cant tell you what but i can tell you they will but in the June, July and  August editions. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you think x x

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