Monday, 14 December 2015

Olaf Kit - KnitNow

Ok so I must admit I have never seen the frozen film but like half the population okay am a fan of the well known song and when KnitNow magazine landed on my doormat with the free pattern and kit I just couldnt resist making it.

KnitNow magazine is a magazine I have a subscription for, not just because the sometimes feature my patterns :) but because there is always a great selection of well written patterns and Olaf was no exception.

The yarn kit came with everything you needed and the amount of yarn provided was great, I actually think I could have almost got 2 Olafs out of the quantities, I have in the past had kits that have just fallen short of the yardage needed so I was very impressed with this!

Now I cant pretend my knitting of this went completly glitch free but it was my own fault; the pattern stated "row 1 and all odd rows purl" I did this however the last row detailed was an even row and rather than doing a purl row before casting off a cast off on the purl side, when I then had to pick up stitches I ended up with a bump along the edge, so had to take it back a few rows, so lesson learnt end on an odd row!!

One of my tools that really helped with this pattern was my digital row counter, I would have been lost with out this, as with all patterns its essential to keep track of your place

I still have some of these in my etsy store, i would be lost without mine!

When i was making up my Olaf i found that putting small pieces of card in the base of the feet helped them stay structured and Olaf stand up

Pinning the pieces in place before joining them also helps make sure the position is correctand stays correct whilst attaching them.

The arms were a little fidderly but once the threads were sewn it i think they looked worth it.

And here he is my Olaf

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