Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Christmas Jumper Surprise

So back in January me and my mum decided we were going to Knit Christmas jumpers for the family to wear on Christmas day, in total we had 8 jumpers and with other personal projects and my freelance design work for magazines it was important we started early so we had enough time to fit them all in, so a few weeks in to 2015 we got to work on our top secret project!

Christmas jumper have become so popular in the past few years and there are so may available to buy we wanted to make sure these were unique so a festive image on the front was not an option, and as we were making them personally for family we wanted to make sure they had that personal touch so it was to be knitted jumpers as the whole object/character rather than the image on the front and the recipient’s name knitted in to it too. The characters we came up with were, a Christmas Pudding, a Christmas Tree, Rudolph, a Robin, a Gingerbread Man, a Present, a Snowman, and a Bottle of Champagne!

We planned a ‘Quizmas’ Eve party to give the jumpers out, which if you can’t guess by the name is a party on Christmas Eve in which we planned to do a quiz, but no one knew they were also getting a jumper! When everyone was settled with a drink in hand me and my mum sneaked out and put our jumpers on, but it was so funny as they were covered in bells they were jingling so much I’m surprised no one heard and came to see what we were doing! When we entered the room they were amazed at our jumpers and then when we produced further boxes, one for each of them it was brilliant, the laughs and cheers made every secret stitch totally worth it.

Unfortunately my Uncle (Christmas Pudding) couldn’t make it on Christmas eve but here is the rest of the gang in there jumpers, and we gave him his on Christmas day.

The great thing about knitting jumpers is they are not fitted items so we were able to use basic small, medium, large measurements to create them.
We also did accessories to go with each one, like hats and gloves, but by far my favourite has to be the gingerbread man that sits in the pocket of my dad’s Gingerbread man jumper.

Which also soon found its way on to the tree

Here are all the jumpers laid out flat so you can see the detail

Now it’s time to start planning next year’s homemade surprise, although I’m not sure anything will top this!!

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