Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
Im now coming in to my 3rd year of this blog but I can't say I have ever really given it too much love and attention, if you are a regular reader then thank you and I promise to do better this year,  maybe this should be my first new years resolution. I wasnt actually really planning on having any resolutions but as I started typing it seemed to make sense so there it is!!

Now I do have goals I want to work towards this year but j dont really see them as resolutions,  maybe thats because actually resolutions dont seem to last....hmmm actually on that note the above is no longer a resolution just another new year goal!
So my other goals, knitting related of course are to expand my published knitting patterns, I would like to increase the locations and of course continue to be successful with KnitNow but also be successful with some other magazines, my ultimate goal is a published book but thats not one for this year I dont think. I also want to focus on my instagram account as my main source of contact with other knitters, I tried twitter and I do still use it occasionally but I am so much more of a visual person I really enjoy flicking through it, but I must spend time to reach out to people comment on what I like and hopefully inspire others.

On a personal note I will be 30 this year, I cant say it really bothers me but maybe the fact the celebrations will include las vegas softens the blow!!

One thing I do seem to be so far is more organised, I cant say it's been a conscious effort to improve, and given we are only 3 days in maybe I shouldn't get too confident but I have managed to restock my handmade stitch markers on etsy and I am really pleased to see them selling already, although that does mean I need to get making some more! And today I have got round to listing 3 of my patterns on craftsy, and by thw end of the week you should see them on Ravelry and Loveknitting, here they all are....

My most popular handmade stitch markers are by far my owl stitch markers, they are snag free and every one of the 8 markers has a different owl.
I make these by hand and only ever have a limited number availabe due to the time required to make them.

My Bunny Bunting is such a cute make for easter, each piece isnt cast off but instead threaded on to the twine. The bunnies are knitted in moss stitch and the carrots garter.

The pattern for my pencil covers comes in both designs and are great for kids, the colour ofthe yarn used for the petals can match the colour of the pencil and you can do a whole pot full!!

And the final pattern i listed was this Animal play mat, now Im not going to lie there is a lot of knitting in this but it is well worth it, babys love texture and this has lots of that, with each square having a different feel, this also makes it a great knit for beginners as there are different stitch patterns to try and because each square is knitted separately you wont feel over faced!!

i would love to know what resolutions you have set, knitting related or not....

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