Thursday, 24 March 2016

Spreading the Bug

So last night for the first time I taught a lovely group of ladies to knit, dont get me wrong I have spread the knitting bug before to friends but thats always been a 1 to 1 lesson, last night it was to 20 keen ladies and it was so much fun.

And here they are, well their hands anyway - I didnt want to break their concentration with my camera I  their faces  :)

when i was first approached to do the evening i kept going back and forth on ideas for what they could make as the evening had other events happening they would only have an hour or so on the knitting, in the end i chose a bunny, given that its easter it seemed quite fitting and the perfet thing is its such a simple pattern to make the bunny, its just a square!!

So i put kits together with the stitches all ready cast on so it was just a matter of teaching them the knit stitch, and what naturals they were

Here are the bunny's...can you believe its just one square of yarn for each bunny

22 pompoms made for the kits

If you fancy a go the instructions are here

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