Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Field Guide to Knitted Birds - Book Review

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Arne & Carlos' latest book from Search Press to review; Field Guide to Knitted Birds and it is safe to say I love it!

Firstly I would say if your not a fan of working in DPN's (double pointed needles) then this isn't the book for you as all the birds are created mostly in the round ..with just a small section worked in rows back and forth, but if you have no issues with DNP's then this book is a must! Arne & Carlos have really let there imaginations run wild again with some fantastic birds from magpies to my favourite the I DO I DO I DO.

Not only are the patterns written and presented in a clear format but further instructions on the construction and finishing touches are given clearly with photos to support. Finishing touches include sequins, feathers, and beads to really jazz up the birds!

This book really is a must for any knitter looking for some quick, fun, and quirky projects, and another great thing is they are great stash busters with only small amounts of yarn needed for each bird.

Here is my first bird made, as advised in the book I have made the basic bird shape in one yarn, so now I am happy with the construction and pattern I can add some colour work next time!

Matilda's made a new friend

I love the idea of creating a selection of birds and hiding them around the garden. They will make great eye catching decorations and when my daughter gets a bit older we can go on an adventure around the garden bird spotting!

Book Information:
Title: Field Guide to Knitted Birds
ISBN: 978-1-78221-539-4
Publishers: Search Press

Talking of my daughter we took her for her first swim today! :)

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