Monday, 1 September 2014

Free Knitting Pattern Owl Egg Cosy

Owl Egg Cosy
Knitting Pattern


3.75mm Needles

25g ball of double knit wool in brown

Small amount of beige, white, black and yellow double knit wool


Final measurements

8cm high, bottom circumference 16cm


K          Knit

P          Purl

St st      Stocking Stitch

K2tog      Knit the next two stitches together


Cast on 36st in dark brown

Knit 3 rows.

Now work in St st starting with a purl row;

Row 1; P10, follow row 1 on chart, P10.

Row 2; K10, follow row 2 on chart, K10.

Row 3 – 15; continue as above following rows 3-13 on chart

Row 16; K8, K2tog, follow row 14 on chart, K2tog, K8

Row 17; P9, follow row 15 on chart, P9

Row 18; K9, follow row 16 on chart, K9

Row 19 – 21; continue as detailed for previous 2 rows following rows     17-19 on chart.

Row 22; K7, K2tog, follow row 20 on chart, K2tog, K7

Complete the next rows in dark brown;

Row 23; Purl all

Row 24; Knit all

Row 25; Purl all

Cast off.

For the wings – make 2

Cast on 6st

St st 6 rows

Next row; K2tog K2 K2tog

Purl one row

Cast off


To finish – sew top and side seam, sew a wing on each side. Using yellow stitch on a beak.


Boil an egg and enjoy J

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