Monday, 1 September 2014

Switching the Needles for the Hook

I learnt to crochet at the same time as knitting and although the concepts are similar the method and end results are very different! Its knitting that got me hooked (no pun intended), but I do still often put down the needles and pick up the hook and that's exactly what I did yesterday to make some pots!

Perfect for trinkets, cotton wool buds, sweets . . . anything small basically . . . .unless your feeling ambition and go large!

They are so simple to make and can be made any size you want!

The bottom is made by doing 1 CH stitch and then 6 double crochet in to this. then you keep working in rounds, the first round you DC in to each one, then the second round you DC once in the first and twice in the second and repeat this until the round is done. Then the next round you do two single DC's and then a double DC. and keep going in the pattern increasing the number of single DC's you do until you have the width you want! This is a method used to create a basic disk!

Then to make the sides you do a single DC in to each of the stiches and keep going around until you have the height you want! when you have the height you can do an extra 2 rows so you can fold down the edge - looks pretty then and also helps it keep its shape and ta-dah you have a pot! 

But I didn't totally neglect my needles this weekend . . . .
I added a knitted element to my sisters birthday card! She loves ducks and who wouldn't love a duck holding a balloon :)


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