Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Proud Wife

So at 4pm on friday my husband and 3 of his friends set out to beat the current world record of doubles darts, 48hours and they did it! They did 50 hours!!! Not only did they beat this but they did it to raise money for charity and between the 4 of them across their just giving pages and buckets and events over the weekend the total is currently on about £4k for Macmillan Cancer and British Red Cross.

Such an amazing effort!! For it to be submitted to Guinness as a record breaker certain criteria had to be met like the whole thing filmed, two independent people watching at all times etc. They followed all the rules and it will be submitted so fingers crossed it gets their seal of approval! !

I honestly do not know how they managed it, I popped by at different points during the weekend and the thing that really stood out for me was the support from the local community some of them putting in +24 hours watching and cheering them on it was such an amazing event to be part of and I am so greatful for ever person who showed their support and helped them through!!

A visit from Ads nephew and number 1 fan really picked him upon the sunday morning, it was visits like this for all of them that helped them get through the darker hours

Here they are the record breakers posing for the press

A few treats were waiting for Ad when he got home

Ads just givig page for the British Red Cross: 

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